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Tiramisu and spatulas

Yesterday, my friend Tess and I made tiramisu.  I’m actually giving myself too much credit here because it was probably 90% made by Tess.  She got the recipe from Allrecipes ,which you can find here.  The one difference is that we didn’t use rum but instead used Bailey’s Irish Cream.  I thought the tiramisu turned out really delicious.  It was creamy, but not too rich.  And the Bailey’s Irish Cream gave it a nice flavor.


Now on a totally different topic, my friend Cheri gave me two awesome and extremely thoughtful birthday gifts.  I’m sharing this info because the gifts are directly related to this blog.  She got me personalized spatulas!  They have my name and the name of the blog on the handle.  She also got me stickers with my name and the blog name on them so I can put them on the packages of goodies I give to people.   I love them!

My personalized spatulas

My personalized stickers



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