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Chocolate dipped bacon

It sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.  But I had to try it.  Chocolate and bacon…what’s not to like?  After doing some research, I learned that roasting bacon is a highly recommended way to make bacon.  Thus, I roasted four slices of applewood-smoked bacon at 400 degrees for about 13 minutes.  They looked nice and crispy.  Just the way I like my bacon.  While they were cooling, I melted some semi-sweet chocolate over a double-broiler.  Then I dipped the bacon into the chocolate and set them on parchment paper to set.

I wasn’t expecting this creation to taste absolutely amazing or anything, but I was quite disappointed.  It’s not that it tasted bad but it tasted just how you would have expected.  It tasted like chocolate, then bacon.  The combination of these two fantastic foods did not produce an even greater taste sensation.

I think I’d rather eat my chocolate and bacon separately.


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