Highly efficient eating

In order to make some more progress on my goal of eating the top 50 treats listed on 7×7.com, I had to do some strategic planning on Saturday when I went to the city.  For lunch, my mom and I headed to the Ferry Building.  After having a delicious porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti, we ventured inside and I first stopped at Miette for their old fashioned chocolate cake with Italian meringue frosting.  You can buy it as an actual cake or as a cupcake.  The cake is probably the best chocolate cake I’ve had.  It’s really moist and has a very rich chocolate flavor.  The frosting wasn’t my favorite, in terms of taste and texture.  It is more gooey and less solid than the usual frostings used for cupcakes.  I prefer the traditional frostings that go on cake.

Old-fashioned chocolate cupcake with italian meringue frosting from Miette

Next, I stopped at Michael Recciuti for some truffles.  I bought a truffle with jasmine tea infused ganache, one with hazelnut, and one called the Peanut Butter Puck.  All three are delicious.  I love chocolates that are infused with tea flavor.  The peanut butter in the Peanut Butter Puck is not super sweet like in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Chocolate truffles from Michael Recchiuti

There was also a guy sampling these amazing pretzels that are covered in chocolate and toffee chips.  The outside tastes similar to Almond Roca candy.  I had to buy a bag because they were that good.  Apparently, they have also been featured on the Rachel Ray show.  The saltiness of the pretzel and the sweetness of the chocolate and toffee are incredible together.

Finally, for dinner we ate at Townhall.  I had two main reasons for eating there, the buttermilk fried chicken and their butterscotch and chocolate pot de crème dessert, which is on the list.  I was also pleasantly surprised by one of their appetizers.  It is a ham and cheese toast with poached egg.  However, what makes it amazing is the cream sauce they pour over the whole sandwich.  It is super creamy and slightly spicy from the jalapenos.  The butterscotch and chocolate pot de crème is seriously one of the best desserts I have ever eaten and definitely my favorite thing (so far) off the 7×7.com list.  They serve it in a bowl and the bottom layer is chocolate and the top layer is butterscotch.  The consistency is more dense than mousse but it is not heavy.  They serve it with toffee (or maybe butterscotch?) pieces that are covered with chocolate on one side.  I could not stop eating the dessert even though I was beyond stuffed at that point.  This dessert is definitely meant to be shared, but not with too many 😛

Butterscotch and chocolate pot de creme from Townhall

My day in the city was quite successful as I can now check off three more treats from my list of 50 and I had some seriously fantastic food.


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  1. Pam

    You ate at Town Hall! Yum! One of my favorite restaurants in SF! Loved the pot de creme. Haven’t tried their fried chicken but my brother raves about it!

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