Holiday baking binge

Since it’s December, I have started my holiday baking binge.  Christmas is the perfect excuse to bake a ton of cookies for no reason other than the fact that it’s the holidays and you’re supposed to bake cookies at this time of year.  I’ve kicked off the baking season with butter cookies with lemon curd, vanilla salted peanut cookies, and white chocolate cookies with raspberry jam.   All three recipes came from holiday baking magazines that I can’t stop myself from buying every year, even though they probably recycle the recipes year to year.   Of the three cookie recipes, my favorite was the butter cookies with lemon curd.  They taste the best and they’re pretty.  The cookies alone taste pretty good, but the lemon curd is a great addition.

Butter cookies with lemon curd

The vanilla salted peanut cookies turned out really crunchy and brown on the outside.  When I pulled the cookies out of the oven when they were lightly golden brown, the middle of the cookies were not done.  But leaving them in the oven longer to cook the middle makes the outside of the cookie look darker brown than most cookies.  However, this may also be because there is only brown sugar and no granulated sugar in the recipe.  They also turned out really crunchy, which is fine with me since I like crunchy cookies, but for others, this may not be so appealing.

Vanilla salted peanut cookies

The white chocolate cookies with raspberry jam look really festive with the red raspberry jam and white chocolate drizzle.  I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate or raspberry but I thought that they tasted pretty good together.

White chocolate rasberry jam cookies


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  1. Jocelyn

    I’m in that holiday spirit too and bought A couple of baking books! Wish we could do our annual baking for friends:/ love the posts:)

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