Chinese paper wrapped cake

One of my favorite things from Chinese bakeries is paper wrapped cake.  I like the lightness of the texture and the slight sweetness.  It seems similar to chiffon cake.  I found a recipe from someone’s blog for paper wrapped cake and attempted to bake it at home.  The problem was that I did not have the correct type of pan because usually, they are slightly wider in circumference than a cupcake and about double the height of a cupcake.  However, at Eastern Bakery in San Francisco, they bake them in cupcake size so I figure I could do that as well.

Unfortunately, my paper wrapped cakes did not turn out correctly.  Usually, the cake puffs up but mine did the opposite.  They were very flat and the middle actually sunk down.  The problem most likely comes from the beating of the egg whites.  I may have beat the egg whites too long or too short, I’m not quite sure.  The cake was also a little on the dry side.  However, the flavor was correct.  I will have to try making this again sometime.

My sad, sunken paper wrapped cake


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