Iced applesauce cookies

When I made the iced pumpkin cookies, I imagined how much better the cookies would taste if I used applesauce instead of pumpkin since I like apples far more than pumpkin.  So I did just that.  I used the exact same recipe for the iced pumpkin cookies, except that I replaced the cup of pumpkin puree with one cup of applesauce.  I also reduced the amount of ground cloves and nutmeg to ¼ teaspoon each.  For one of the batches, I incorporated some raisins to add some more variation.

After the cookies finished baking, I noticed one big difference.  The applesauce cookies turned out flatter than the nice, plump pumpkin cookies.   Even though they were more flat, they were still soft and fairly moist.  It seems pumpkin fluffs up more when baked.  In terms of taste, the apple flavor does not come through very strong.  Rather, I mostly taste the nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon, which is confusing because it tastes like pumpkin pie, minus the pumpkin.  I’m also undecided on the addition of the raisins.  I realize that if I want more apple flavor, I should not have used applesauce since it is not pure apple.  I guess I would have to puree some apples in order to get a stronger apple flavor in the cookies.


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