Almond-lemon tea cake

After visiting Tartine last week and trying their almond-lemon tea cake, I decided to try making it at home.   I tried looking for poppyseeds, which they use in the cake for appearances only, but I could not find any, even at Whole Foods.  The recipe for the cake is actually one of the more simple recipes in the Tartine recipe book, but it was a little fussy, especially the almond paste.  The recipe requires you to beat the almond paste.  However, the almond paste is pretty stiff and my mixer had a very difficult time with the almond paste.   I was almost afraid I would burn out the motor on the mixer.   The rest of the process went pretty smoothly.  At Tartine, they use a loaf pan for this cake, but I used a tube pan, which the recipe says would work as well.

When the cake was done baking, I brushed it with a citrus glaze.  I had bought a new pastry brush from Williams Sonoma because I couldn’t find mine.  However, after I finished glazing the cake, I noticed that there were all these little pastry brush hairs on the cake.  It is an OXO brand brush and usually I really like their products, but I am not a fan of having pastry brush hairs on my food.

The cake turned out well and it was very moist.  The citrus glaze also adds so much to the flavor.  I also decided that the next time I make this cake, I will have to find poppyseeds.  It would add so much to the appearance of the cake.




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