#21: Coconut cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes

What better way to start my 50 Treats mission than with a cupcake?  #21 on the list is a coconut cupcake from Kara’s.  I’ve had Kara’s cupcakes before and I personally like their carrot cake cupcake and their chocolate velvet cupcake.  I never tried their coconut one because coconut is not at the top of my list for favorite foods.  However, I have been missing out because the coconut cupcake is quite fantastic.  For the coconut cupcake, they use a chocolate cupcake with a vanilla (or possibly coconut) buttercream frosting, and the frosting is covered in shredded coconut.  I found it difficult to distinguish whether the frosting is vanilla or coconut because the shredded coconut is all over the frosting.  I like the combination of the chocolate cupcake and the coconut flavor.  I am happy to say that my mission has started off deliciously.

Kara's Coconut Cupcake

It was such a hot day the frosting melted! But it was still good 🙂

Sidenote:  I am currently eating the apple pie that I mentioned in my previous post.  My mother was supposed to have taken it to work today because otherwise, I would not be able to stop myself from eating the rest of it.  But she didn’t take it to work and thus, here I am, stuffing my face with pie.  I told my mom that by not taking the pie to work, it was the same thing as keeping alcohol in the house if I were an alcoholic.


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