French apple pie

I absolutely LOVE the French apple pie from Marie Callender’s.  I bought one for a family bbq during Labor Day weekend.  Everyone was too full to eat it after the meal so we were left with the whole pie.  This is a good and bad thing.  Good because that means there’s more for me.  Bad because I will end up eating the whole pie, which I really shouldn’t.  (I’m making my mom take whatever I don’t eat by tomorrow to work.)  The pie is just so good.  Every part of it.  The crust is buttery and flaky.  The apple part is perfectly sweet.  The apples aren’t too mushy or too hard.  The crumble topping is my favorite part.  Not too sweet and not too dry.  The more mild flavor of the crumble topping and crust balance out the sweetness of the apple filling.  One day, I’m going to have to try making this pie.



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