Gary Danko

This post is not exactly baking related, but I’m writing it anyways.  Last night, my mom and I ate at Gary Danko in San Francisco.   It was AMAZING.   My mom got their foie gras as her appetizer and it was incredible.  It was so rich tasting that I don’t think I could eat more than five bites of it.  The sauce with the foie gras was very tasty.  I had lobster risotto for my appetizer and I loved how creamy it was and it had large chunks of lobster.  For the main course, I had seared scallops with a zucchini-fennel puree.  They were by far the biggest scallops I have ever seen, and the most delicious.  My mom had their roast Maine lobster with potato puree, which was very smooth.  I had the cheese course because according to this article from 7×, the cheese course is one of the top 100 things to eat in San Francisco before I die.  I chose a gouda, cheddar, and blue cheese.  The fourth cheese I can’t remember, but it was a soft cheese.  Their cheese course came with grapes and a pecan-raisin bread.  On a tangential note, I may possibly embark on a new goal to eat/drink my way through the 7× 2010 Things to Eat list.

Anyways, back to Gary Danko.  Here’s the part related to baking, the dessert course.  My mom chose their chocolate soufflé, which comes with two types of sauces.  I had the warm Louisiana butter cake with peaches, huckleberry compote and vanilla ice cream.  Absolutely heavenly.  I loved the brown sugary taste!  Definitely one of the more original desserts I’ve had at a restaurant.  They also gave us this platter of miniature desserts, which included a lemon bar, lemon tart, brownie, and chocolate tart.  But by that time, I was stuffed and only took a bite out of each of those mini desserts.  Also, they gave us a banana cake to take home to eat, which I ate today.  Not surprising that it was also delicious.

Here are some photos.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos but it was a bit on the dark side in the restaurant.

Lobster Risotto with shrimp, mushrooms, and tomatoes

Foie gras

Seared scallops

Cheese course

Chocolate souffle

Warm Louisiana butter cake...Yum!

Elegant packaging of their banana cake

Banana cake/bread

All in all, it was an extraordinary dining experience.  I can’t wait for next time.


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  1. the cheese platter looks appetizing! I’d eat everything except the cheese hahaa

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