Cake class craziness

Earlier this month, I signed up for a Wilton basic cake decorating class at Michael’s.  On Monday morning, I had my first class and this is where I learned that the instructor (who I really liked) was also teaching two other classes:  Flowers & Cake Design and Gum Paste & Fondant.  On a whim, I decided to sign up for these classes as well.  I didn’t really think about how I would be in class six times a week for two hours each class.  And I have homework for these classes.  Thus, my baking project has been sidelined a little because my cake classes have kept me quite busy.  But the classes are really fun and I’m learning lots of new things.  I finally learned how to make a flower from royal icing, though I need lots of practice with it.

My decorated cake with LOADS of frosting

Primrose flower made with royal icing

Flowers made from fondant and gum paste



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2 responses to “Cake class craziness

  1. Peiying

    pretty!! the primrose is beautiful. and i like the fondant flowers. are they pleasant to eat?? i’ve had cake decorations that looked pretty but tasted like rubber… 😦

    • thanks! to be completely honest, the fondant we use for this class smells awful so i haven’t even bothered trying it. however, my instructor brought in some fondant she orders online and it tasted delicious! i can give you the website if you’re interested.

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