Cream scones with currants

Yesterday, I made cream scones with currants.  I wasn’t even exactly sure what currents are so I looked it up on the internet, just to find out.  They look like raisins and taste similar.  Anyways, I had never made scones before and I don’t particularly love scones, but I figured it would be a good thing to try.  As it turns out, scones are very easy to make.  In fact, probably one of the easiest things I have baked lately.  However, I forgot to preheat the oven and when I did turn it on, I heated it to the wrong temperature and did not realize this until I was putting the scones in the oven.  So lesson learned:  read the directions and actually follow them.   Fortunately, despite this little mishap, the scones turned out quite delicious.  Slightly sweet, creamy, and soft.


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