Last Friday, I made marble pound cake with a white chocolate glaze.  I’ve always wanted to try to make marble pound cake because the swirling seems so fun.  I used the recipe from Martha Stewart’s baking book.  In order to make the swirls, I scooped the chocolate and regular batter into the loaf pan in a checkerboard pattern and then using a butter knife, I swirled.

Then for the glaze, I needed some milk.  But, my refrigerator was broken (the temperature in there was 58 degrees F) so I was hesitant to use the milk in there.  And I was too lazy to go to the store.  Thus, I had to settle with using water, which worked just fine.  After I poured the glaze over the pound cake, I had to let it set before I could cut into it.  I was very eager to see how my swirls turned out.  When I finally did cut into the pound cake, it was somewhat anti-climatic.  I really have no idea what “good” swirls should look like.  Mine looked good and swirly enough to me.


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  1. hobbynerd

    I love your anti-climatic ending with the satisfaction derived from the level of your own swirleyness.

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